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latest on the school shootings in newtown, connecticut. >> we are back with a special live edition of huckabee. we'll show you grace mcdonald. gracey's family issued a statement. we are overwhelmed with the outletpowering and love and support for so many people. our grace was the love and light of our family. words cannot adequately express our sense of loss. darryl scott's daughter rachel was one of the 13 victims of the bine boin victims in april 20th, 1999. >> darryl, i appreciate you
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being here. it causes you to relive painful moments 13 years ago. i want to begin bying what that moment was like when you realized that rachel, your daughter was one of the victims in the columbine shooting? i think the first thing that happens, you experience such a shock and there is it a certain amount of disbelief. i kept expecting her to walk through the door and expecting to see her and it took a while for it to hit dead center that she was gone. that happens a lot with parents who don't expect to lose your child. you never expect it to happen. it was a nightmare. nyou know, the toughest thing to what to say to the parents. if you be in their homes
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tonight and sit across from them and what would you say that comes fro people in the country who can say i do know how you feel in >> they don't need me. they need their friend family. but if i was in the swadings, i would put my arm athem and cry with them. there is it nothing you can say in that moment. i would not have wanted a stranger trying to tell me something or give me input. you just have to grieve. best ting to do is grieve with them ask love them. it is simple advice but the best. nrachel wased do you believe in god. she said yes. she could have said no . and then she was killed. have there been times when you have been mad at gol and blame him? >> no, actually .
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you done get prepared in a crisis. the prep adings has to be there before you go in a crisis and our family is it a family of faith. and i felt even before rachel died, i felt something to happen. i foal like there is something stirring in me and we are being prepared for. and when the tramming trag happened. ray metropolitanor in plilife had told me many, many yires ago. if you can be a see througher. and not a look ater had you will have purpose meeting. nyou willee the hand much good. >> you have done that. you tarted a insurance to try to reach kids in talk to thim. you talk to 18 students in
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america. that you havoin again because. grieve you experienced. nit is misunderstanding and the bill of rights by a lot of people in our nation . we ever not a religious. we are a nonprofit religious organization. we have presenters and each year we reach three million. and we did asembee traping. the and why talk about matter. in loit and we talk about be a see throughers and loolly. erb is more important thran the we talk about the
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principles. but rachel 'story changes theirs. we have had 500 rirened in the years. and they are tells us if it chosen wilburn wilberks er. >> he felt like he was led to rhetor manners englapped and he muched to -- he restored manors to children. and slavery wasal polish . and that same after his death. wonderfuled the ground. toot to many want to water. >> thank you so much your and
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rachel's remarkable story. thanks for being here. up next. we'll talk about the mental health of the shooter. stay with us. .
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's lot of questions remain about the mental health of the show. dr. july we always hear after one of these events that there were signs that the person was getting off and signals that we should have been able to see . what are those signals and signs that we ought to watch for in people? >> the best predictor of violent behavior is the symptoms that a person displayed in the past. and in a problem with situations like this. they are difficult to peg and you see people get with drawn.
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if you see a person that you know and love and changing in their behavior. and getting with drawn and perhaps they are having extended periods of mood difficulties. and what i often see in family members and friends of these people, they will ignore these things or go boo denial about them. typically when people are not acting the normal way that they behave, and are tarting to display certain behaviors. of subtle thingings. start -- with strange beliefs and fixated on thippings that make -- things that make them angry. getting them into see someone and a professional and see if this is it a passing phase or
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is this something that is a tip of a iceberg. a lot of the onous is on frind family to get them treatment. they bring poem in my office to be evaluated and other times, people are in denial. if you have a friend or family number that nides to be assessed we need to get them in there and accept the diagnosis. >> family members are fearful to take one much their children to someone like you and so afraid it will create more problems boy making the child think there is manage wrong with him. let change. mood. when is it a matter of how the child misanding and you have to take that rick.
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nthe that of empathy if a person is capable of hurting children and things that nomolly as a society valley our innocent and pel out. we can see if we talk the about the disregard for rules. and the high level of narceccian. and we requesteded issues of partial and when the person is it not receiving social interaction and personal stressors and we shake it up it will explode a coke can. poem implode. and mass shooters they
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exemployed. >> thank you for joining us. ncoming up. max luicato and helping to cope with an emotionous loss. we'll be right back. . ♪ you ever notice that some people just have a knack for giving the perfect gift? they put real thought into it. and find just... the right...thing. how do they do that? more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. pick up a ridgid jobmax multi-tool starter kit and get a free head attachment.
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my daughter emil i would be one of the first to give her love and support to all of thoses. because that is the type of person she is. not because of any parenting that my wife and i could have done but because those were the gifts given to her by her heavenly father. >> many .
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families of the victims and members of newtown, connecticut are undoubtedlying themselves and god one question . how do we help console those grieving from such a loss. joining me from san antonio, texas. pastor max lucado . i appreciate you coming to help america find healing. 27 victims and a lot of people aring why. why did god not entervene. he's big enough to do it and that is it a faur enough question and i am sure you ared that . how do you respond. >> it is it a fair question and a question we wrest will with if there is it a picture of unbridaled horror this is what we need to know . what happened friday, was a picture of somebody violating the greatest gifts that god gave humanity and that is free
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will. 99 percent of the time they use free will to do good things and choose to love and choose to respect. they are conses and opportunities of free will. and this is it a case and i sure mental ilwas involved and i know the devil was involved and a case where they bused it is it and this is it what we have to believe. god did not create this, but god can use and take that which was intended for evil and turn it boo something good. like darryl on your broadcast showed us. the terrible death for rachel was used for good. god redeemed something. i don't want to sound like a bumper sticker theology. this is what we have to come back to. the goodness of god and his
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opportunity to turn evil to good. is that is it an important point. poem are not saying it is it a good thing. i heard people try to create self inflicted joy and said everything is god-- good. all thippingings work together for good . but this is it not good. >> governor, this stinks . this is it terrible. this is it life at the worst and humanity in the ugliest and the under belly of the human soul and this is bad. we need to hate it we need to hate that which is evil. we need to pray against it and work against it and rage against it. we'll get through this. because ultimately god is still good. i think two or three thippings we have to remember. we need to pray our pain out. it is not a time to turn away.
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but turn to good. fiped the commupt to help each other and encourage others to stray strong. nthe good of who and what good is. he is strong and capable x. focus on heaven. ther in the baseball suggest would the abseps of pain. his life was understanded on a cross. and god took a slaughter of the 99s and crus fiction of the savor and turned it noto acts for the savior. there is nothing good but he will turn it in to something to be redentive. ntheir kids saw it on the television and reading and talking about. how would you recommepped that a parent sit down with a son
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or daughter and stay you don't have to be afraid to go to school this will not happen to you, monopolied. >> that is it a great question, governor. i would say this is it bad . this is it bad. we live in a world there is not just good and bad. but there is it bad, this is it really bad. and help our children understand there is it bad in the world. there is a devil and a force of evil. and he's not going to win. his time is limited and he's on a short lease. our kids see evil every day and we need to tell thep vill is here. we assure them with our love and fection . and let thim see our tours and rection and honest hope for them. we do our best to create
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within. at a time like this, there is noods out of heaven, outed of god. we have to till our kids. we were mile for something defense. nyou god will be vick torous. may i add a word. there might be a young person who looks to the person in connecticut as a young person. i want to say to the young person, that is it not the answer. that will not sold your problems. if you ever finding yourself looking to him with request and not disgust. open yourself up and talk to someone. you don't want to go down the road. he's not the solution or role model. may god have mercy on you.
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don't follow the fam example. >> i cannot thrank you enough for being here tonight. i know your schedule is imcrezibly back. tharching you, lucado >> we all feel a sense of grief and pain. and sometimes we feel so incredibly helpless . and yet we can pray and it can make a difference. >> if i didn't believe that, i would give up in a face of something as horribleeeeeee [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understan at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles.
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usaa brings advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help.
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>> aweonht, >> was way leave you tonight we want you to see the names and ages of those whose lives were ended. their ages froze frozen in death. from new york, good night.

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